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WHEN WILL I DECIDE? SUCCESSABILITY You may be thinking that with all the information you’ve just been handed, you’re still not in the loop. Maybe, it’s because you aren’t sure if you’re ready to take that all important step into advancement. Why are you apprehensive? Or, perhaps, you want to see other’s opinions first. For […]

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COMPUTERS ARE RULING OUR FUTURE! Along time ago when first introduced to the Technology Age and computers, I was deeply amazed at how they all worked. As I grew with the times, it intrigued me even more! From the get go, I jumped on board and have never looked back. Developing a business that grows […]

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ARE YOU THRIVING IN LIFE? YES YES I AM! is my answer to everything lately! Time and time again, people ask me if I’m succeeding in this business. I tell them, “YES YES I AM!” But, not just financially. MAKING MONEY DOES enhance production. However, long lasting FRIENDSHIPS from all over the world produce encouragement, […]

In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission released their new rules for Disclosure Compliance. These rules are set in place to ensure that readers or viewers of web media (blogs, Youtube videos, etc.) know if the blogger/presenter is sponsored, endorsed, or partnered with a different company. In blog terms, the readers need to know if the […]